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1). In my country there are problems with extra charges because my country imposes extra charges on shipments over 22 Euros. 
In this situation, we will have to do as follows: 
a) You will now try to send me a package in which you will put 18 pomad Uppercout. We will check whether the shipment will pass through customs if it arrives in my country. 
b) We will have to split all payments into smaller amounts from the scale so that Customs can request a proof of payment as soon as the DHL shipment arrives in my country. 
c) I want the prices for these products to be the same as you sent in the pdf table. 
d) Please specify the cost of shipping a parcel that contains 18 pomadas. 
e) If the parcel with the parcel 18 pomade will go to me at no extra charge then we will do so so that you will send me 3 times a week 18 pieces. You can send DHL shipments every two days. 
2). Please note that all shipments will be checked by me so the pomade I get must be the same as the one you sent me for the first time. 
3). If it is possible to send more DHL pomad then it will send more pomad DHL but I am afraid that there will be other charges.
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