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Hey Admin and Mods,
Today, we are excited to release our new Rules Screening feature to all communities. We all know that joining a new community can often be overwhelming and confusing. A great way to help set new members up for success is to outline a set of rules and guidelines that describe your community’s culture and how one should behave in it. 
Rules Screening gives you a simple, clean way to ensure that potential members can understand the guidelines for your community before joining, helping ensure that they can be positive additions to your community. If enabled, new members will be prompted to read your rules when they join your server, and until they agree to them and pass your verification level requirements, they will not be able to talk, react, or DM other members.
For servers that traditionally have not used gating mechanisms (e.g. bot role gate) know that enabling Rules Screening does create more friction to joining and could lead to a decrease in new member joins. However, it does offer the least friction possible for anyone who wants new members to agree to rules.
We also know communities often need more sophisticated screening methods like custom response/manual application, oAuth, and third party connections. We are hard at work building those so that we can release them to you soon as well. 
As always, please provide any feedback or comments on these new features so we can help improve them moving forward!
Happy Screening & Happy Holidays. 
P.S. If you grant roles to new members on join via a bot, it will bypass this feature. We recommend updating your bot to only grant roles once members pass the screening. Look for the pending flag in our developer documentation.
P.S.S If you plan to remove your bot role gate and use Screening, make sure you enable talking perms on @everyone so they can talk after passing. We've already ensured that pending members are not able to talk, dm, or react until they've accepted the rules.
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